Born In Palermo, Sicily, Maurice Lo Monaco discovered his voice at an early age.

He immigrated to America with his parents on a ship called “Raffaello” and spent his 10th birthday in the middle of the Atlantic. On that ship, Maurizio Lo Monaco made his first public appearance. With his new guitar that his Papi (Daddy) and Mammina (Mommy) gave him and the angelical voice that God gave him, he began touching people’s hearts.

Soon after his arrival, the Brooklyn, NY school teachers quickly changed his name from Maurizio to Maurice, as the other children found it difficult to pronounce.

Maurice Lo Monaco is a classically influenced singer/songwriter, a lyrical tenor with a “POP’ERA” heart and an expansive repertoire of over a thousand songs in five languages. With his versatile voice he can take you on a journey from Rock, Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Musicals to Opera and more. His gift, which goes beyond the voice, takes him on a mission to touch hearts all across the world, transmitting the power of LOVE, that Is the Gift of HEALING.

“I know God has given me a gift to share with every human being, regardless of culture, race and religion. My voice is just a vessel that allows everyone to come along on this healing journey,” Maurice admits.

His humility, deep-rooted faith and commitment to the responsibility of cultural and social awareness lead him  to become member of the association “community’ pope John XXIII” (www.apg23.org).

He now makes his home in Southwest Florida where he resides several months a year.


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